The pantheon had decided that Dradin's gift given to the dranors–that is magic–was being abused by mortalkind and so ordered Dradin to revoke it. Dradin followed their declaration, causing the minds of mortalkind to forget what they had once known and greatly weakened their ability to manipulate any form of magic. While not revoking his gift entirely, Dradin's actions pleased the pantheon. Over a period of five years the abilities and skills of those who had once been able to wield magic faded away along with the knowledge they had gained from ancient dranoric texts. These same texts tended to be lost as well in a number of surprising ways ranging from raids by monstrous races, fire, flood, and mysterious thefts. At the end of the five years no elf, human, dwarf, halfling, or gnome could wield or understand the nature of magic. So it was that the ages of the wizard kings and the wars of magic they brought to the world ended.

THE AGE OF ASH (1 P.V. - 400 P.V.)

This was a bittersweet time on Tralodren. The world was torn from many wars and had to heal. People returned to the faith of their ancestors, rebuking the ways of the wizard kings which had left them disillusioned, and their lives and lands ruined. Over time the nations were rebuilt, and all returned to the state of peace that had been in existence before the horrible wars and the wizards who had caused them came into power.



Toward the end of the Age of Ash a handful of mortalkind once again came to understand the workings of magic, despite the hindrances put upon them by Dradin. This lead to the formation of a new Tarsu and the concern of the pantheon–who, once they found out that Dradin had nothing to do with this event–allowed it to continue under a wary eye. It was agreed that if wizard kings should ever again arise, even under the hindrances placed upon them by Dradin, then serious action would be taken by the pantheon.

After a few decades, the reformed Tarsu began to re-instruct fledging mages. They also soon formed simple schools to teach magic–keeping the lessons practical, and curbing the influence of Dradin's gift less they give rise to more resentment among the population and stoke desire for possible wizard king hopefuls. Faith would always be more prevalent than magic, however, remaining so until the Great End among all who called Tralodren home.

So it was that Tralodren flourished again. Kingdoms, nations, and races had been reborn and taken new positions in the land, giving rise to the newest age, which has been called the Present Age.


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